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Where Light Meets Art

To many people the concept of lighting design remains as perplexing as it is intriguing. Unlike the tangible nature of architecture and interior design, lighting design comes in no specific shape or form, yet is arguably of equal if not more importance. Whenever a person is situated in a space, lights play an indispensable role, be it natural, artificial, dim, bright, or coloured, the eyes are prone to pick up on its environmental effects. One can even go as far to say that light affects us emotionally and psychologically, making it an integral part of our lives. It is under such an understanding that we practice lighting design; in the same way oil paints are to a fine artist, light is our means of expression.


So, one may ask, just what is lighting design? To answer this question, we need to first look at the fundamental function of light — illumination. It is our belief that when light goes through the meticulous process of design, it can create desired ambience in spaces and subsequently trigger certain forms of emotional reactions. Essentially, when lighting is designed correctly, it elevates a space. If we were to analogize light as a raw material like cotton, then a lighting designer would be the one who creates beautiful tapestry. It is with this passion to bring vibrancy and meaning to this often overlooked necessity that continues to drive Anlighten forward.


We value our clients and guide them to discover creative solutions; in the same manner we listen to their needs, and the team at Anlighten considers spaces in terms of both mood and functionality. For example, when designing for a simple space, the rationale that the best designs are the ones you do not notice, would inspire us to use an integrated lighting solution with hidden lighting fixtures. This understanding and adaptability makes up the crux of Anlighten’s design philosophy. Taking consideration of the material, environmental, maintenance implications that go into our designs, we utilize the latest lighting technologies and techniques to create comfortable environments with unique identities and pleasing aesthetics.

But what about the work process at Anlighten? Before every project, we make it a priority to meet up with our clients to understand their expectations and goals. Once a project gets the go ahead, we start preparing visual material for presentation. After the design concept is approved, we embark on the technicalities such as drawing blueprints and confirming lighting specifications. Finally, upon receipt of materials from our suppliers, construction begins. As a valued client of Anlighten, you can rest assured that we are there every step of the way. With our team's years of experience and expertise in lighting design, you can be sured the final design will be exactly the way you imagined it.



Formed in 2007 in Hong Kong, the Anlighten design studioand has worked over the years with a diverse client base ranging from architects, interior designers, hospitality groups, to real estate developers. Outside standard lighting design practices, the firm is also involved in the design of lighting for music and theatre productions, art exhibitions, and commercial events. It is Anlighten's mission to showcase lighting in its most imaginative form, and provide people with a sensation of light like no other.

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